Diverse group of kids

World Immersion

TLC is traveling the world this year! We are extending our enrichment learning to include a hands-on immersion experience through traveling the world!

Our first annual World Learning Experience will be in Puerto Rico For 7 days

Discover the myriad opportunities for cultural enrichment, academic growth, and immersive travel experiences that our World Immersion program offers.


  • Immersion in latin culture
  • Experience the land
  • Connections with new people


  • Expansion of your child’s world
  • Fosters empathy and mindfulness of cultural differences
  • Helps adaptation to diverse environments and situations


  • Boosts your child’s creativity and imagination
  • Helps with linguistic development
  • Builds literacy and social skills

Cultural Awareness & Open-Mindedness

Expand your child’s world and encourage mindfulness of cultural differences. World Immersion promotes a lens of openness, which enables your children to coexist harmoniously with others and live without bias. This is alignment with TLC’s mission of supporting the cultivation of young minds, accessing their divine beingness, and navigating the world through their higher selves.