Core Values

Our mission and holistic approach to wellness and learning are based on 7 core values that we believe are crucial to the development of a child’s mind, body and soul.

Of all the worldly gifts Love is the greatest. The very foundation upon which TLC was created. Love of self, love for others, Love of our community, is the driving force, it’s our WHY. We believe everything starts with LOVE as an act of service, LOVE is a conscious choice. Love is infused in everything we do, through this infusion of love is how we are blessed to bless others and transform humanity.

Genuine Healthy Love heals wounds of past traumatic experiences that allows our Learners to transform themselves inside and out.

We are providing the environments for our community learners to experience what healthy love is like for all 5 senses in our daily interactions.

Fostering the love of learning is the core value of what our learners take away from the TLC community.

Here at Teaching with Love and Care, we see spiritual development as the development of the whole child. And we firmly believe that children who thrive socially and emotionally are naturally well equipped for academic success.

We nurture your child’s spirit and mold him or her into a compassionate, self-cultivating and self-aware being and the impact they have in their environment.

While we’re not affiliated with any particular religion, we don’t shy away from exploring world cultures, religions and spiritual practices that align to our mission. Instead, we encourage meaningful discussions to promote acceptance and to show our students how to put compassion into action.

We set our students down the path to becoming their best selves by nourishing their spirits and teaching them that education is for life. We lead with love, so each child knows just how special and important they are.

We teach our students essential life skills that lead them down the path of self-actualization while encouraging them to live mentally, spiritually and physically healthy lives. To teach the kids how to fully connect with their minds, bodies and spirits, we incorporate self- care, yoga, meditation, visualization and affirmations into our sessions.

Our staff understands that each child is a Divine Being and we empower students to co-create or recreate their own life stories with intention. We teach them how to take control of their inner dialogue and master their minds, so they always remember they’re capable of anything they set their minds to.
Our unique approach to education makes children actually wantto learn. We use a cyclical learning process that allows our pupils to experience being both students AND teachers while putting them in the driver’s seat of their education.

Our approach to Learning is through a healthy relationship to self, people, and our environment. Developing a “relationships precedes learning” mentality through creating a healthy relationship with self, learners are then able to approach their academics through an empowered mindset identity, promoting a healthy relationship with academia.

Through our mastery of learning approach mistakes are encouraged and seen as a pivotal part of the learning process. Learners are encouraged to face their challenges through the utilization of growth mindset tools to help navigate and question their self-concept of “failing.” We promote our Learners to speak up and advocate through their learning journey and seek guidance from their Learning Guides for support.

Our small group sessions allow each student to get the attention they need and gives them the opportunity to form strong bonds with their teachers, fellow Learners and community members.
Community service is one of the driving forces of our program. We encourage our learners to prioritize philanthropy and teach them that we are all connected to one another. By providing opportunities to be a giver not just a receiver of energy in our local communities.

We prioritize causes that are near and dear to our students’ hearts, so they understand that they can make a difference with their skills, talents and knowledge.

We collaborate with our children’s families for the “give back” component of our program. Families are required to fully participate in the expansion of their child’s learning by taking part in the planning, actual participation in the service project via hours, as well as volunteering in our community environment.
Our staff views students’ families as a child’s first teacher and their homes as their first classrooms. We work closely with our kids’ families to ensure that every Teaching with Love and Care family is equipped with tools to live out a happy and healthy lifestyle.

We create a welcoming environment for the whole family to encourage all the important people in our students’ lives to build meaningful relationships with our staff, community and with each other. We also provide training, resources, support and advocacy for family members through our Family Support Specialist.

Your child deserves a learning journey that holistically enriches them mentally, emotionally and physically built for their Human Design. And with us, you can trust your child will get every component they deserve.

Conscious Parenting Support, Secure attachment Practices, Co-Regulating and Attachment awareness are part of the family engagement components that enrich our Learners success.
Environmentalism is infused in the core of what Teaching With Love and Care stands for. We are the Evergreen Leaders and Guides in modeling what a conscious community can co-create through collaborative peaceful engagements that benefit humanity.

World Unschooling, Global Learning is a part of providing the opportunity for our learners and families to extend their learning experience outside of TLC through providing an opportunity for learners to have a positive global impact through service learning.

Whether it be through our agricultural tourism farm, our edible greenhouses, Wellness gardens, Meditation parks or upcycling & recycling centers, TLC has an endless way of reconnecting the humans to rediscover a connection with the land and nature.

3 Main Elements of Wholeness at TLC

3 Main Elements graphic


Enrichment Learning

Life-long Learning 

Academic Pathways

Emotional Management

Mind, Body, Spirit

Deeper awareness of emotions and how to listen to the stories they tell.

Self Development 


Interest Based Learning 

Knowledge of Self