Enrollment Application

We’re proud to offer affordable rates that make our one-of-a-kind Enrichment Learning Experiences (ELEs) more readily available to all. Additionally, we offer tuition payment plans, upon inquiry.

Enrollment application fee $100

Admissions Process

1. Schedule a Brief
Consultation Call

Connect with us! Let's have a friendly chat to understand your goals and how we can be the perfect fit for your child.

2. Complete an

Take the first step towards a joyful learning experience by filling out our simple application form.

3. Family interview (in person) at a specified location

Join us for a face-to-face meeting at a specified location. It's a chance for us to get to know each other better.

4. Receive Admission results & start date

Exciting news! Once your admission is confirmed, you'll get your TLC start date. The adventure is about to begin!

5. Family Individual learning plan meeting

Let's tailor the learning experience. We'll have a meeting to discuss and create a personalized plan for your child's joyful learning journey.

6. First day at

It's finally here! The big day arrives. Join us for the first day at TLC, where the magic of joyful learning unfolds!