Tuition Investment

We’re proud to offer our unique approach to learning through our Enrichment Learning Experiences

Membership Plans

Enrichment Meet Up


*Enrichment class costs can vary, based on chosen classes and attendance.

Foundational Skills


*Prices may vary. Please call.

How Enrichment Works

Experiential hands-on learning that challenges your student, opens new neural pathways, cultivates a love for learning, builds life skills, and aligns with practices that can become life-long interests and passions.

  • Register for any enrichment engagement class you and your child are interested in. Classes are offered through partnership with other facilitators and experts in their respective fields. (ex. horseback riding, cooking, agriculture, karate…)
  • Parents drop off child(ren) at enrichment locations for the duration of the class and picks up from enrichment location when class is over.

*Please call so we can customize your enrichment plan.

How Foundational Skills Work

Foundational Skills is the act of learning for life. This membership is geared for ages 4 and up.

  • Access to all days of operation
  • Academic Pathways Coaching
  • Emotional Management Counseling
  • Options for drop off at the end of session.
  • Group learning sessions
  • Nature exploration
  • Self development

*Limited slots for financial aid available for qualifying families and in a first come first serve basis. Please call for inquiries