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The Traveling Teacher

The mobile classroom learning experience where learning is an adventure!​

The Traveling Teacher component is an Enrichment Learning Experience that supports families on their alternative learning path journey. We provide learning experiences that connect learners to nature and experiential learning classes which makes everyday a learning adventure!

All donations will go towards nurturing the magic of learning and joy at TLC, ensuring our enrichment activities continue to thrive. Your support helps us create extraordinary experiences for the children, making education a celebration of discovery and growth!

Now enrolling for Spring & Summer

Join our learning adventure, as we grow, explore and connect with nature! Enrichment Learning Experience is 4 days per week, Tuesday – Friday. 9am – 1pm.

Spring Enrichment offerings: Kids Carpentry, Circus Arts, Theatre arts, Yoga, Farm & Horseback

In partnership with Seattle Children’s Theatre.

Current Session

2024 Spring Session

Catrice Dennis, M. Ed.

Facilitator of Learning

Catrice Dennis - Facilitator of Learning

Catrice Dennis is a dedicated mother of four children who inspire her to live a life that is centered around being authentic to one’s self. She is an educator, academic coach, and life advocate! Catrice has a love for empowering and enriching the lives of young people by giving them opportunities to activate and access their higher selves through self-love, and service to others. Her love and thirst for knowledge elevate her so that she can do her part to help bring healing, light, and love to those she comes into contact with, as well as help facilitate planetary healing and the return to humanity.

Core Values

Our mission and holistic approach to wellness and learning are based on 7 core values that we believe are crucial to the development of a child’s mind, body and soul.

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